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He is waiting for you to tune in & turn on to the Eternal World!

Do you really know Jesus?

You should be aware that no two non-Catholic churches will likely interpret the Bible indentically - that is why there are 30-40,000 different independent churches or affiliations - and growing. Each church typically teaches its own interpretation of the Bible even though most use the same King James or similar version. There is no overriding hierarchy to assure that all churches of the same denomination or affiliation follow the same interpretation. Most also teach Sola Scriptura which means their teachings are based solely on the Bible.

On the other hand, the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus who personally authorized St. Peter to lead the Church according to Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Magisterium (teaching structure) which assures that all member Churches teach the same Divine Doctrine and follow the acceptable interpretations of the Bible. It is all presented according to the combination of the three pillars of the faith, in the Catechisim of the Catholic Church. St. Peter's authority has been passed on via apostolic succession, guided by the Holy Spirit.

Although all Christian denominations and independents will likely not agree on all teachings and interpretations, many including Catholic, Protestants, Evangelicals, Christian Jews have come together in agreement on three pillars of Christianity and values; Sanctity of Life, Traditional Marriage, and Religious Freedom under their signing of the Manhattan Declaration in October 2009.Go to for details and list of clergy and religious professionals. You are invited to sign online confidentially. Show your support of these tenets.