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Do you really know Jesus?


Unplanned Official Trailer - In Theaters March 29, 2.27min

There are 13, 1-3 minute Video clips below that show the making of the movie. Also, check clips after the first 13.

ALL Clergy, Ministers, Deacons and church staff should watch video 12! Abby says laity must advocate for action.

Short videos are to facilitate sharing via your mobile devices. Think 'soundbites' that are easy to digest by on-the-go social contacts.

This is the true story of Abby Johnson who made some wrong choices as a young girl, became pregnant, had an abortion, married the man, had another unplanned pregnancy which ultimately ended with another abortion and failed marriage. Was Director of Planned Parenthood (PP) for 8 years, was awarded Employee of the Year but resigned when she was told that the PP plan was to double quotas for abortions. She is now Catholic, happily married with 8 children and is engaged in Pro-Life advocacy around the country.

Please share with your contacts immediately as we don't know how long the theaters will continue to show Unplanned. The movie has an R rating but that is misleading as there is NO nudity, sex or inappropriate language. However, there are images of the evil of abortion.

1. 'Unplanned', True Story of Abby Johnson, C1, The Movie 72sec  

2. 'Unplanned' Abby C2 Abby's Book Lead To Movie Project 2min

3. 'Unplanned', Abby, C3, PP Abortion Clinics Exposed, 2min 

4. 'Unplanned', Abby, C4, Role of Abby Given To Ashley Bratcher, 2min 

5. 'Unplanned' C5 Ashley Bratcher's Passion Divinely Inspired, 2min 

6. 'Unplanned' C6 Ashley Discovered Her Own Mother Almost Aborted Her-2min 

7. 'Unplanned' C7 Husband Doug Was Anti-Abortion But Loved Her, 1min 

8. 'Unplanned' C8 The Face, Goal, Scoop, Strategy of PP 3min 

9. 'Unplanned' C9 Abby Says There is NO JUSTICE For The Unborn, 3min 

10. 'Unplanned' C10 Need Prayer/Media Warriors To Share Awareness 2min 

11. 'Unplanned' C11 Media Is The Best Way To Affect Change, 3min

12. 'Unplanned' C12 Movie Needs To Become A Movement For Change, 2min 

13. 'Unplanned' C13 America's Future Depends On Passionate Sharing, 2min

Check This Website and Sign up free to be a member

You and your social network are invited to join the team to pray over the movie Unplanned, and to pray that the hearts of people would be prepared to receive this message of life.

As we come together to pray, we'll focus on seven areas of influence and cover these with specific prayer strategies:

Government-Church-Media-Family-Education-Economy- Arts & Entertainment

1. Life on the Rock, Guest, Abby Johnson, 'UNPLANNED Movie'-C1,15m 

2. Life on the Rock, Guests, Two Producers, 'UNPLANNED Movie'-C2, 7min 

3. Life on the Rock, UNPLANNED C3, Open Your Eyes & Song of Life 5min

The Journey Home-Abby Johnson shares her true story of being on both sides of the Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life Cultures; from darkness and evil to light and life! She also answers questions from emails sent in during the live Q & A section of the 60-minute weekly program. She said that the laity of all churches must advocate for support from the pulpit, bulletins, and awareness efforts. Click on URL.

Abby & Movie Stars and Producers on Hollywood Red Carpet

Abby Johnson speaks up about contraception. Published on Dec 10, This shocking details on how PP has infiltrated our schools beginning in pre-school and distributing birth control pills to elementary students without parental consent.

Check out all the viewer comments who have responded to these last three URLs