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He is waiting for you to tune in & turn on to the Eternal World!

Do you really know Jesus?

Smart Sex: Finding Life-long Love in a Hooked-Up world" by author and Senior fellow at Acton Institute, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, is a must read to understand one of the main causes of the degeneration and destruction of the nuclear family in America and likely of the globe. Her professional research and personal experience is discussed and examined in a provocative and highly informative exchange with Johnnette Benkovic, founder and host of The Abundant Life which is a 60 minute weekly program aired by the EWTN Global Network via satellite and cable TV, Radio and Internet (24/7). The program entitled Smart Sex: Real Love in a Hooked-Up World", is #400 and can be obtained at the Living His Life Abundantly website which is An edited 48 minute version can be viewed via youtube by clicking on the blue text below.