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Vulnerable; Euthanasia Deception Documentary EWTN

14 short video clips that expose the Deception and Myths that suggest Euthanasia is a benefit to people and society. It is just the opposite. More videos can be viewed or copied free at this website.

This documentary commissioned by EWTN Golbal Catholic Network, was filmed in Belgium, Holland and Canada though the support of KOC,

and other organizations. It shows how people from countries that have approved euthanasia (Mercy Killing) evaluate outcomes and horrors of inappropriate treatment to misled and confused, good, human beings.

The 1 Hour video, "Vulnerable; The Euthanasia Deception" aired by EWTN Global Catholic Network on 012017, can be purchased at or call 1-800-854-6316 and ask for Item # HDVED, $15. If needed, call Customer Service at 1-205-271-2990. To find your EWTN TV Channel, go to and simply enter your area code.

Left click on the blue colored URLs of your choice, below, and you will immediately open the clip via YouTube for viewing. Simple copy the URL you wish to share and paste it in your mobile device to forward.

Euthanasia Deception, EWTN, C1, Intro, 5min

Euthanasia Deception, EWTN, C2 Myth #1; 'It is compassion' 5min

Euthanasia Deception, EWTN, C3 Frustration Caused By Culture 4min

Euthanasia Deception, EWTN, C4 Fear of Burden on the Family, 4min

Euthanasia Deception, EWTN, C5-'Quality of Life Misunderstood' 4min

Deception EWTN C6 Deception #2; It's Not Just the Individual 5min

Deception C7 Deception#3; Safeguards Protect the Vulnerable 3m

Deception EWTN 012017 C8 My Catholic Faith & Career Collide 3min

Euthanasia Deception EWTN C9 This is all wrong 3min

Euthanasia Deception EWTN C10 Conscience Rights 5min

Deception EWTN C11 Dramatic Change in Cultural Attitudes 4min

Euthanasia Deception EWTN C12 On Redemptive Suffering 3min

Euthanasia Deception EWTN C13 Combating the culture of Death 6min

Euthanasia Deception EWTN C14 CaringNotKilling com 4min

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