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He is waiting for you to tune in & turn on to the Eternal World!

Do you really know Jesus?

Eben Emerson, a Former Church of Christ Minister in Texas, describes himself as a passive, non-religious boy raised by his mom in a small town in Arkansas where there were few Catholics. Most of his friends and classmates were of Fundamentalist Christian faith persuasion. Through a friend, he found salvation in an Assembly of God Church while in high school. He fell in love with scripture and read it every night as it filled him with an inner peace and comfort. At the age of 17 he preached a sermon in a small rural church and became "hooked". His journey to active Christian ministry began after high school where he studied for 8 months at a Bible camp in Lubbock, TX. It included a course in Catholicism which showed him how to systematically overcome a Catholic's commitment, due to Catholics' lack of catechesis (education) and have them easily convert to the Church of Christ faith. This was followed by a two-year mission stint in Equador, (a country that was 92% Catholic). He converted Catholics and Christians of all denominations as the Church of Christ believes that they are the one true church. The following video clips, viewed via youtube, are his story of a journey that had him convert his Catholic girl friend to the Church of Christ only to eventually have him convert to the Catholic faith and have his wife come back home. There were no Q & A options in this episode other than those by Host, Marcus Grodi. The video segments are arranged by periods of his faith maturation and ministry.

Introduction. Raised in NW Arkansas: Mostly Fundamentalist Christian Demography. 5.4 Min

Raised by mom in non-religious home. 5 Min

Developed a taste for Scripture and Fundamentalist Church in High School.Found salvation during alter call in Assembly of God church. 5.4 Min

The Call to ministry came in large part due to the peace and joy he experienced from reading the scriptures and preaching his first sermon at age 17. 5.3 Min

After high school graduation, Eben went to Church of Christ Bible training in Lubbock, Texas for 8 months in preparation for a two year assignment in Equador for the purpose of converting Catholics and other Christians. 4 Min

Church of Christ trains members in Catholicism to enable members to systematically and easily convert Catholics to the Church of Christ. Catholics lack catechesis (education) which makes them easy prey for conversion. 5 Min

Church of Christ Minister married Catholic who converted to Church of Christ. Years later, both are very Catholic. 9 Min

The study of Early Church Fathers was the real beginning of former Minister's journey home to the Catholic faith. 10 Min

The point at which conversion decision became final. 2 Min

Former Minister's advice to current Church of Christ members and JH sign-off and invitation to purchase DVD. 3 Min