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He is waiting for you to tune in & turn on to the Eternal World!

Do you really know Jesus?


FOR Men and Women of ALL Ages:



Unfortunately, due to the crisis of catechesis over the past fifty years, these same Catholics are often unable to provide answers to many of the questions that arise. In this critical time in history, when the Faith is being challenged in so many ways, it is crucial for Catholics to know and understand their faith in order to live it, teach it and defend it.

Catholic Parents OnLine (CPO) has recognized the above crisis as stated and responded to it by producing a series of teaching videos with Fr. Robert Altier titled, Beauty, Truth, Goodness: The Fundamentals of Catholicism

Video Intro by Fr. Altier for series; Beauty, Truth, Goodness 5 min

Fr. Altier's teachings will begin airing on EWTN Global Catholic Network as 4-6 part, mini-series, in 30 minute episodes, during the EWTN Gallery time slots which airs Mon-Fri. at 3:00 AM and repeats 6:30 PM Eastern Time. The first 4-part mini-series on CONFESSION is Feb. 13-16

The following is a sample of one of the sixty, 30-minute episodes that appeared on MNC Cable TV Channel 6 in the Twin Cities area. The 30 minute segment has been divided into small video clips to make it easy to share with your social networks via your mobile devices. Copy the URL(s) of your choice and send to your contacts.

CPO-Fundamentals of Catholicism-Fr. Altier-E12-C1-Role of Priests-3min 

CPO-Fundamentals of Catholicism-Fr. Altier-E12-C2-Jesus is the High Priest-2.4min

CPO-Fundamentals of Catholicism-Fr. Altier-E12-C3-Jesus (the Lamb) is victim of sacrifice-3.1min 

CPO-Fundamentals of Catholicism-Fr. Altier-E12-C4-What really is Freedom; Jesus' response-5min 

CPO-Fundamentals of Catholicism-Fr. Altier-E12-C5-An Addiction is not Freedom-2

CPO-Fundamentals of Catholicism-Fr. Altier-E12-C6-WE can share in the redemption of souls-3.4min

CPO-Fundamentals of Catholicism-Fr. Altier-E12-C7-Explain; ...'Jesus descended into hell'-4min

CPO-Fundamentals of Catholicism-Fr. Altier-E12-C8-Say YES to God NOW and every day-2.19min 

CPO-Fundamentals of Catholicism-Fr. Altier-E12-C9-Resurrection & Ascension assured transference -3min 

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