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He is waiting for you to tune in & turn on to the Eternal World!

Do you really know Jesus?


By left clicking on any of the following blue URLs, you will be able to view the video clip via YouTube for the Title that is directly above the URL.

This 1st grouping of videos is unedited segments from the Divine Mercy Sunday live, on-site airing, by EWTN Global Catholic Network 04-03-16 at the Divine Mercy Shrine, Eden Hill in Stockbridge, MA. This is Headquarters of the Marian Fathers, MIC, who are responsible for the Divine Mercy Diary and supporting documents of Sr. Faustina being brought to the Fathers from Cracow, Poland, via a daring, miraculous journey about the time Nazi Germany invaded Poland.

DM EWTN 040316 C1a Tim Gray 'God is Mercy' 3.28min 

DM EWTN 040316 C2b Tim Gray 'The New Mercy Seat' 3.3m   

DM EWTN 040316 C3c Tim Gray 'ABCs of Mercy' 2.3min 

DM EWTN 040316 C4d FRs Joe & Chris, MIC About Marian Helpers 4m 

DM EWTN 040316 C5e FRs Joe & Chris, MIC Marian Apostles 2.4min

DM EWTN 040316 C6f FRs Joe/Chris How DM Started In Poland' 4min

DM EWTN 040316 C7g FRs Joe/Chris 'Video; How MIC, Received Diary

DM EWTN-040316-C8h-Fr. M. Gaitley-'Marian Missionaries of DM 5min

DM EWTN 040316 C9i Fr. Gaitley 'Consecration to DM, St.Therese, Little Flower

DM EWTN 040316 C10j Fr.Gaitley Preparation/Consecration Prayer 4m

DM EWTN 040316 C11 Fr.Gaitley Ask God to Consecrate Your Home 2m