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He is waiting for you to tune in & turn on to the Eternal World!

Do you really know Jesus?

17 video clips, 2-4 minutes in length of David's interview regarding his role of Project Lead for which exposed the selling of baby body parts harvested from aborted babies in the womb of misled and uniformed women at Planned Parenthood (PP).

The Center has over 300 hours of undercover interviews and discussions with abortionists, staff, and have turned over all the videos and documentation to federal authorities for investigation and probable prosecution of PP illegal transactions.

David is being sued by PP for illegal undercover activities - not for defamation - because PP has been exposed for their gross, evil, ripping apart babies for financial gain without regard to the mother or her health risks. 2016 should be a watershed year for major changes in the abortion industry which is described by MLKJr' niece as a Blood Money Industry guilty of "Black Genocide". To view other pages of video clips return to

Left click on the blue colored URLs of your choice, below, and you will immediately open the clip via YouTube for viewing. Simple copy the URL you wish to share and paste it in your mobile device to forward.

Jim & Joy 011816 D. Daleiden C1 West Coast Marches

Jim & Joy 011816 D. Daleiden C2 Introduction

Jim & Joy 011816 D. Daleiden C3 Learned about abortion at early age

Jim & Joy 011816 D. Daleiden C4 Became Pro-Life Activist Age 15

Jim & Joy 011816 D. Daleiden C5-Discovered Baby Parts Trafficking

Jim & Joy 011816 D. Daleiden C6-Exposing Industrialized Evil

Jim & Joy 011816 David Daleiden C7-'Profit', The Video of Truth-5min

Jim & Joy 011816 David Daleiden C8-Q&A-Is Undercover Work Legal

Jim & Joy-011816-David Daleiden-C9-Chattel Abortion Phenomena

Jim & Joy-011816-David Daleiden-C10-Have Hope, The Year of Mercy

Jim & Joy-011816-David Daleiden-C11-Q&A-Treating Women As A Harvesting Pond

Jim & Joy-011816-David Daleiden-C12-PP Doctors Are Most Conflicted

Jim and Joy-011816-David Daleiden-C13-Video 'Harvest'

Jim & Joy-011816-David Daleiden-C14-Comments & Pending Actions

Jim & Joy-011816-David Daleiden-C15-2016 Will Be A Watershed Year For Pro-Life

Jim & Joy-011816-David Daleiden-Project Lead-16-Joan's Rome

Jim & Joy-011816-David Daleiden-C17-Fr. John Paul Mary, Comments