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He is waiting for you to tune in & turn on to the Eternal World!

Do you really know Jesus?

Bowes, Peggy #397 Catholic Revert

Peggy Bowes was raised in a very Catholic family and environment, attended Catholic school and weekly Mass, prayed the Rosary, had a strong interest in becoming a nun, was an "A" student, but started to "fall away" from the Catholic life style and became more interested in becoming the "modern woman" as influenced by the pop culture in the 80s. Entered the Air Force Academy in 1984 and became a pilot of T-37 jet plane, did the "party-girl life style" but still went to Mass. Prayed the Rosary while she was on long flights. Peggy re-invigorated her faith on occasion only to fall back. Married her Baptist husband at age 26 and after having two children, finally reconnected to her faith through combining praying the Rosary with her physical workouts. She designed the "Rosary Workout" and authored a book on the spiritual/physical workout which details the exercise routines and process. This is a truly renaissance woman who is a Christian example of God's call for the mother to be the heart of the home.

Part 1 of her most unusual and intriging testimony. 32 Min

Part 2 of her testimony & discovery of "Rosary Workout." 16 Min

1st Email: I just became Catholic but am still not comfortable in praying thr Rosary. What should I do? 7.3 Min

2nd Email: What are the advantages to a faith-based exercise? 3.4 Min