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Michael Matthews was raised with no particular faith. At age 17, he discovered Jesus and that ultimately led him to become a Fundamentalist Baptist Minister and very anti-Catholic. After substantial inquiry and study during his ministry; he, his wife and family converted to Catholicism about 10 years prior to appearing on EWTN, April 4, 2011. He explains how and why he came to know Catholicism as the one, holy Catholic (universal) apostolic Church that Jesus founded. He and Host, Marcus Grodi, who is a former Protestant Pastor, share similar experiences in arriving at Catholicism as the fullness of faith.

C1. Introduction to his faith journey as Fundamental Baptist.

C2. During his first nine years of ordained ministry, he and his wife were hardcore, Fundamentalist Baptist, with a very negative, anti-Christ, view of Catholicism.

C3. During his advocacy for the Pro-Life movement he associated with many Catholics and his curiosity grew. 

C4.Discusses barriers to accepting the Catholic Church.

C5. His observation is that, ecumenicals seek unity while fundamentalists seek separation if they can't agree.

C6. About saved by grace, the Body of Christ, etc.
C7. "Salvation is union (communion) with Christ", which explains many of Catholic Church teachings.

C8. Q & A: Why do Catholics trust in Mary?

C9. Q & A: Are Baptists the original Christians?

C10. Q & A: Why do Pastors convert to Catholicism?  6Min

C11. Q & A: Did the Church succumb to apostasy?  2Min

C12. Q & A: How do Catholics view the Rapture?  3Min

C13. Q & A: How do I share my faith?  3Min

C14. Q & A: What would you say to other Baptists? 2Min

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