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HARRISON GARLICK was raised in a devout Methodist family. During high school, he connected with a charismatic church, with a prosperity gospel theme. It led him to pursue theological historical studies at Oral Roberts University. He observed those, who were in his realm of influence, became depressed when their prayers were not answered. He concluded that harmony between faith and reason was missing in their studies and faith practices.

After substantial inquiry and study; he, his wife and family converted to Catholicism prior to appearing on EWTN, July 17, 2015. He explains how and why he came to know Catholicism as the one, holy Catholic (universal) apostolic Church that Jesus founded. He and CCH Host, Tom Peterson, a former “secularist” discuss experiences in arriving at Catholicism as the FULLNESS OF FAITH.

C1. Introduction to Tulsa, OK law student who was raised Protestant but began questioning his faith in high school.

C2. Discusses his initial faith journey as a Methodist and then a Charismatic and Prosperity Gospel persuasion he studied at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa.

C3. Strived to find harmony between faith and reason.

C4. Discovered that Catholicism integrates faith and reason

C5. Faith and reason clarified by studying Pope JPII Encyclicals; the two wings to fly to heaven.

C6. Saw The Catholic Church As Alive.

C7. Enrolled in MA Program at a Catholic college.

C8. Focusing on Building Bridges Between Faiths.

C9. What he's doing now in Tulsa is inspiring. 

C10.  How will being Catholic help you?

C11. Final Thoughts and Comments.

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