Do you really know Jesus? - He is waiting for you to tune in & turn on to the Eternal Word!
Do we know a family member who stopped coming to church?

Don't we want our children & grandchildren to grow in faith?

If they ask, "Why  Catholic?" How would we answer?

Learn answers from 100s of Converts/Reverts, Catholics that had left, who've made the Journey to Catholicism. 

WHERE? The Journey Home on EWTN Global Catholic 
Network via satellite/cable TV, Radio and Internet 24/7

Go to and click on "Channel Finder" to find your Channel or contact your cable provider. If you live in the Twin Cities within 40 miles of the IDS Center, you may be able to receive EWTN TV without cable via St. Michael Broadcasting, UHF Channel 16. Call 612-724-2265 for assistance. 

WHEN? TV & Internet: Live Call-in Airing Mon 8pm, EST and repeats on Tues 1am & Fri 1pm. Host, Marcus Grodi

The Best of JH from the Archives airs Wed , one hour of testimony and Q & A EST.

The weekly one hour program can also be viewed 24/7 FREE, at via streaming audio & video.

Most previous programs, which include converts from many Christian and non-Christian persuasions, can be viewed on YouTube and other social media outlets. On Demand, FREE is also available at  

DVDs, printed media and other materials are available 24/7 at and

Podcasting is available! EWTN serves data as a podcast feed which users can listen to on PC or Mac by using podcasting software. Since podcasts are MP3 audio files, you can also transfer feeds to your portable MP3 Player. To listen to syndicated feeds (XML) on your computer, you must download podcasting software.  Many free or commercial podcasting applications are available for download. EWTN's podcasts are offered at no cost.

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