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Do you really know Jesus?

Click on the underlined word to find your Congressional leaders. FOCA

Tell Congress to vote "NO" to this bill that is a license to kill Americans - It's part of the Obama Health Care Plan.

By now you have seen radical changes taking place in the nation's capitol and probably have thoughts about what may be expected in 2011. We have talked with many people who in 2008 were so desperate for change, they were willing to vote for candidates who absolutely are not committed to protecting the rights of the lives of almost-born children. In Germany, Poland, Bosnia, Croatia and other parts of the world, we refer to this as genocide. In the USA, many wonderful, well-intentioned but misled people prefer to call it the Right to Choose or Pro-Choice. Let’s "talk straight." If you are familiar with or ever viewed a video of partial-birth abortion, you have to call it what it is, gross MURDER! It is not a medical illness.

Failure to overturn Obamacare will increase infanticide (baby genocide), divide our country and put America at risk of becoming the next country to go down in infamy. Why? Abortion will be an entitlement, subsidized by our taxes and we will have no voice - our rights will be usurped against our will. People who believe in the sanctity of human life as guaranteed by our Declaration of Independence and defended by our Constitution and Divine Law, will likely not compromise their values and will refuse to be legislated to do so when it violates freedom, the right to life and is contrary to common sense! To view this holocaust left click on

Check out the Galleries of Images of Aborted Babies: Gallery Three: Collection Seven:

All these babies were retrieved off the the loading dock of Vital Med Laboratory in Northbrook, Illinois by members of Citizens for a Pro-life Society and Pro-life Action League from February through September 1988. The babies were sent there via parcel post from nine different abortion mills. Most of the mills were the Women’s Health Organization Mills (WHO clinics) owned by Susan Hill. Apparently the WHO clinics had contracted with Vital Med to serve as means of disposal for the fetal remains. The WHO clinics were Raleigh WHO, Delaware WHO, Fort Wayne WHO, Summit WHO (in Milwaukee), Fargo WHO, Fairfield WHO (in New Jersey). The other clinics were Metropolitan Medical Services in Milwaukee and two Chicago area clinics.

An anonymous employee of Vital Med contacted Conrad Wojnar who operated several crisis pregnancy centers in the Chicago area and asked that pro-lifers come and take the babies for burial. The employee gave Conrad instructions on how to gain access to the loading dock.

The bodies of the babies were left out on the loading dock in the same boxes that they were shipped in. They were put out for pick up by a commercial incineration company called Precision Energy Systems to be burnt with trash. About 5000 bodies were retrieved altogether. Some 2000 were buried by Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago who personally presided at the burial that took place at Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois. Some 1700 of the babies were buried by Citizens for Pro-life Society 9/10/88 at Holy Cross Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin with the permission of Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Citizens for Pro-life Society made arrangements to give the other aborted babies to pro-lifers in cities from where they came.

Please go to and you will be able to view unlimited testimony, facts, truth, moral teachings on this topic. While on this web site, scroll down to the end of the page where it says, "If you were a "pro-choice" voter or candidate, take a look here to see what you are tolerating." Left-click on take a look here and view the demonstrations, language and video of what really happens during the abortion procedures. It is not only murder – it's barbaric. Partial-birth abortion procedures depict dismemberment, crushing heads, tearing arms, legs, skin and decapitation of babies. View this via ultrasound and confirm that the baby being attacked, by the abortionist with the suction tube and death instruments, is frantically agitated, moving and trying to avoid the attack in the womb. Monitoring machines confirm increased heart rates up to 190 beats per minute for the baby and a wide open mouth as the baby appears to be screaming for help – a silent scream in the womb!

It is extreme hypocrisy when Americans and leaders of our government scream about inhumane treatment of terrorists who are trying to annihilate us, yet will allow the defenseless baby in the womb to be treated like a pig in a slaughter house. If someone treated any domestic pet animal, in the same way abortionist treat helpless babies, he/she would be put behind bars. What are pro-choice people thinking? Where’s the love?

Don’t settle for the pro-choice population screaming about their rights – when it comes to human life, they have no choice but to honor, first and foremost, God’s will for the child, and secondly, our Declaration and Constitution. The founding fathers of this country created the Declaration of Independence and Constitution on the basis of two laws – Divine Law and human law, with the stipulation that human law must rest its authority on Divine Law. A woman may have the right to "manage " her own body but the not the body of the living child in her womb. The fetus is a different person than the mother and has his/her owns rights as an American citizen.

The Constitution was structured to assure our government would protect everyone’s rights with right to life as the # 1 priority. It does not allow murder for convenience or any other reason. The mutation of the law came about when the high court of the land decided to place their erpretations of human law above God’s Law. One would think these highly educated, honorable individuals would understand the horrific practice they have allowed to persist in America.

White House leaders, Congress and the Supreme Court must support our right to life for all living Americans (that includes fetuses according to medical and scientific conclusions). We must get the Supreme Court back under Divine Law and real human law. Tell your representatives in Congress they must approve judges who believe that the moral authority of our judiciary depends on judicial self-restraint and that justices should strictly interpret the law and not legislate. The 2008 elected officials and political parties have stated their positions on the sanctity of life loud and clear. Read on!

The following paragraph is an excerpt from a 2008 article by David G. Savage of the Los Angeles Times.

Every four years, defenders of abortion rights proclaim that the fate of Roe vs Wade hangs on the outcome of the presidential election. This year, they might be right. Through most of the 1990s and until recently, the Supreme Court had a solid 6-3 majority in favor of upholding the right of a woman to choose abortion. But the margin has shrunk to one, now that Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has retired and been replaced by Justice Samuel Alito Jr. And Justice John Paul Stevens, a leader of the narrow majority for abortion rights, is 88 years old. "Clearly, Roe is on the line this time," says Indiana University Law Prof. Dawn Johnson, formerly a lawyer for NARAL Pro-Choice America. What we find scary is that people don’t understand what’s at stake," says Kathryn Kolbert, president of People for the American Way. "In the next four years, one to as many as three Supreme Court justices may step down, and they all will come from the liberal end of the court." The two parties have staked out opposite positions but their candidates rarely mention them. The abortion issue enormously important to the base of both parties, political strategists say, but it is a touchy and difficult matter to raise with swing voters and those who are undecided.

Conscientious Americans can help get the Supreme Court back to functioning the way originally intended by our founding fathers. Lobby legislators to vote their American conscience and defend our rights according to the Constitution, which they swore on a Bible to uphold, when a bill is presented to them that is in conflict with our Constitution. The Democratic party clearly and boldly stated their platform as follows (the red text in parenthesis are not part of the party statement but added by us).

"The Democratic Party strongly and unequivocally supports Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose a safe (for the mother maybe – definitely not for the baby) and legal (not by God's Law or the Fathers of the Declaration and Constitution) abortion, regardless of ability to pay, and we oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right." per Democratic Platform, p.50. To say, "I'm pro-choice but not pro-abortion," is an oxymoron.

We voted for many Democrats during our lives but refuse to be accomplices to murder! We challenge Congress to show the ultrasound video of an actual partial-birth abortion on national TV and then discuss its positions while allowing citizens to respond via email/phone. Then we will see if this country still has heart and deserves to be blessed. At least we will have an informed public.

The downward spiral into what we call the Culture of Death began when the high court ruling on Roe v Wade issued a license to kill. Since then, we have seen prayer banned from schools, Ten Commandments removed from public view, teen pregnancies skyrocket, children indiscriminately shooting school children, mothers drowning and micro-waving their babies, corporations abusing their investors, employees and the general public, clergy of all religious persuasions abusing children - the list goes on. Don’t you think God is angry?

Aren’t you? Was 9/11 a wake-up call? Is the economic mess a wake up call? Every great nation and empire lost its "shine" or totally disappeared when corruption, greed, deception, self-indulgence and idol worship (alcohol, pornography, adultery, drugs and whatever material or physical pleasure is one’s obsession) were allowed to run rampant & unchecked. Sodom and Gomorrah, Roman Empire, Germany to name a few. The British Empire is a mere shadow of what it used to be. Moral degeneration/conflict within the Church of England seems to coincide with its downward spiral. Is the USA next in line? Congress can vote to stop it! Vote "NO" to the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) which is deceptively included in Obamacare.

Coincidentally, does euthanasia become the next high court issue? If the unborn is irrelevant, too costly, too inconvenient; then why not include life of elderly, incapacitated, physically and mentally challenged? Montana became the third state to approve physician-assisted suicide. Mentally competent, terminally ill Montanans are able to obtain medications that can be self-ministered to bring about a "peaceful" death if they find their suffering "unbearable." Pandora's Box is open - who will stand up and say ENOUGH! As long as we are-going-for-broke, we might as well legislate mandatory birth control measures similar to those used in China? It would be a way to reduce health care & educational cost? Contact Congress now!

Click underlined word to locate your representatives. FOCA

The following responses to Pro-Abortion Politicians' objections was prepared by Fr. Frank Pavone National Director, Priests for Life [Click here for pdf version. You may print/distribute it!]

If you've ever written to a pro-abortion politician about Right to Life, you've probably received a form letter that utilizes one of several worn-out arguments. This is how we answer them.

1. "I respect your views, but I have to represent all people."

Our response: That's what we're trying to say to you. If you neglect the unborn, you are not representing all the people. Roe vs. Wade excludes them from protection; we demand that they be included. A public servant cannot legitimately ignore an entire segment of the public that is being destroyed.

2. "I'm personally opposed to abortion but can't impose my views on others."

Our response: This is not a matter of views, but of violence. The law is supposed to protect human life despite views of those who would destroy it.

3. "Government should not be involved in a personal decision."

Our response: The government got "too involved" in abortion when it claimed to have the authority to deprive some human beings of their right to life. The Declaration of Independence asserts that government exists to secure rights bestowed by the Creator. When someone's "choice" destroys someone else's life, choice is no longer a personal, private matter.

4. "Legislators should not be practicing medicine."

Our response: We're not asking you to practice medicine, but to prevent the abuse of medicine. The practice of medicine is regulated by all kinds of laws that protect the lives of patients. We ask to include unborn in that protection.

5. "Abortion is the law of the land."

Our response: The "law of the land" can be changed, just as it was changed regarding slavery and segregation. Leadership is seeing injustices and inspiring people to utilize the methods a law permits to make necessary changes.

6. "I support women's rights and health."

Our response: That is precisely why you should examine the evidence, which is more plentiful than ever, that abortion is destructive of women's health, and listen to the growing voices of those who have been harmed by abortion. That is also why you should examine how the abortion industry, through unregulated and dangerous clinics, continues to deceive and exploit women.

7. "Abortion is just one of many issues; I embrace a consistent ethic of life."

Our response: The foundation of a house is only one of many parts of the house, but it is essential in order to build the other parts. That is why the Catholic bishops have repeatedly asserted that among the many interrelated issues within a consistent ethic, abortion deserves "urgent attention and priority " (Pastoral Plan, 2001).

8. "My office doesn't involve decision-making about abortion."

Our response: Your position on abortion says a lot about your character and worldview. If you cannot stand up for the smallest of children, how will you stand up for the rest of us?

9. "Let's just agree to disagree."

Our response: We have the greatest respect for those who disagree with us. But when victims are oppressed, we don't sit back and "agree to disagree" with the oppressor. Rather, we intervene to save the victim. Abortion is not about beliefs; it's about bloodshed. Those who need protection need it despite the disagreement of others.

10. Finally, always use the best response to all the arguments: I vote!