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He is waiting for you to tune in & turn on to the Eternal World!

Do you really know Jesus?

David Anders, PhD, raised in Birmingham, AL was raised in a Calvinistic, Presbyterian family, left his faith, returned to it later and sought to find the truth in Sacred Scripture through college, seminary and found that all roads lead to Catholicism via in-depth study of the early Church fathers and discovery of the myths that abound in Calvin/Luther teachings. His journey summary as explained on the JH program aired on EWTN Global Network (Cable & Satellite TV, Internet, Radio) live call-in episode 12/06/10.

Dr. Anders' website

Mr. Anders 8 minute edited journey summary can be view by left clicking on this URL. 8 Minutes

Email From Michael of PA: Can you comment on Consubstantiation versus Transubstantiation? Left click on blue text to view answer. 2.5 Min

Call-in from David in MO: Does it take a while for a convert to settle in to the Catholic faith as a convert? 7 Min

Email from Bruce: Eve's sin occurred in the mind. Is it still in us? (How is original sin viewed by Catholics versus protestants?) Left click on blue text. 2.6 Min

Email from Jesse of Kentucky: What is the correct teaching on Mary? Click on blue text. 2 Min

Email from Jim: Are we saved by grace alone? What else can we add? Click on blue text. 3 Min